Being Human, the Human Connection and Why We Must Acknowledge all of our Emotions.

We have taken on a body and are living a human life. We are souls living in a human body. Many “spiritual” people in the world think it is our mission to connect to our spiritual nature and all the positive aspects – happiness, joy, fulfillment. While this may be true for some and is seen as something good. For even too much good can wreak havoc. We should fully experience and love those not so positive aspects of ourselves too. When we are sad, we shall cry. When we are depressed, we shall feel that fully and bring love to this area. For when we are fully feeling these emotions, we can move on to much brighter waters; release, let go, and then be positive. Life’s not always about being happy. And what is best for one person is not for another.

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Words have Vibration and Energy – Be, Speak, Feel LOVE


Words are everywhere. Social media, books, music, clothing. We may not realize the effect that these things play into our lives, but they do have an effect. What we think, we become. This holds true. If you associate yourself as someone who is sad, depressed, has darkness within their hearts, you will indeed be those things, you will attract those things, you will wear those things, you BECOME those things. Same goes for someone who is happy(a derivative of love).

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